Linteum Set – Reusable make-up removers

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Because never before has an eco, vegan and sustainable facial cleansing been so gentle . A pack that respects your skin and the environment that includes a makeup turban, a reusable makeup remover towel, 3 reusable makeup remover discs and a useful bag for machine washing . The headband contains a practical Velcro fastener for a perfect fit to your head. Holds your hair so you can apply make-up, remove make-up or apply your facial cosmetic products in the most comfortable way. The reusable make-up remover discs will become your whole life. 10 cm, double-sided, fluffy and super soft, they will take care of your skin and you will achieve a complete and sustainable facial cleansing. The reusable makeup remover wipe magically removes makeup residue with water alone. Made of microfiber , it is so soft that you will fall in love with it. The entire kit is machine washable.



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