Facial routine set at your own pace

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A kit for a perfect facial routine, without rushing. Where only you and your face set the pace. The kit contains a 2in1 Lucea hand brush created to exfoliate and deep cleanse your face along with a turban to make you feel “forever young” and hold back unwanted locks while you enjoy your beauty moment. The Lucea manual facial brush has two sides: its soft brush allows a delicate cleansing of the complexion while the silicone headmassages and exfoliates the skin in a gentle and demanding way. In a red tone that you will fall in love with, the makeup turban has a stylish and flattering bow. With it, you’ll hold back unwanted strands of hair while you enjoy your beauty routine. A perfect accessory to remove hair and avoid staining it with cosmetics. The turban is very soft and elastic so it will fit any head without pressure.



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