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A true luxury within your skin’s reach. A pack containing all the power of quartz and all the magic of gel pearls to fill your face with youth and vitality . The deluxe pack contains a mask with Brilli Brilli Mask gel beads, perfect for both hot and cold use. It also includes a Lievo, a white quartz facial massage roller perfect for improving blood circulation and reducing the signs of aging on your face. The Brilli Brilli Mask is perfect for relieving eye strain generated by the use of screens and reducing eye puffiness when used warm. When cold, it relieves migraines, temple pain and reduces crow’s feet. It adapts perfectly without pressure to the head thanks to its adjustable elastics, allowing you to enjoy your deluxe moment without rushing. Lievo is the facial massage tool you’ll love. Made of genuine white quartz , it is totally unique and will transmit all the power of nature to your face. Keep it in the fridge and get ready to feel your face relax like never before every morning. It is perfect for the application of serums and facial oils. Your skin will feel smooth, luminous and radiant after each massage.



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