Cuquikit voyage

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The perfect combo for make up and remove. Cute wherever you are, this kit includes a turban with a “forever young” bow, a pulpiFlush to effectively cleanse your face and a Bobslie sponge in mint green , ideal for applying foundation or concealer with professional results. It is perfect as a travel kit as it contains everything you need for a quick and perfect beauty routine.


In shades that you will fall in love with, the make-up turban has a stylish and flattering bow.

With it, you’ll hold back unwanted strands of hair while you enjoy your beauty routine.

A perfect accessory to remove hair and avoid staining it with cosmetics.

The turban is very soft and elastic so it will fit any head without pressure.

PulpiFlush is the king of foam, a soft silicone pulpito that will leave your face clean, soft and full of light.

To use it you will have to moisten it, introduce facial soap into its sponge and squeeze your pulpit several times to start creating foam. Then make circular movements over your face.

Finally, the perfect piece to achieve a professional makeup wherever you are. A 360º sponge with which you will be able to apply the product in a flawless and subtle way. Made of soft, dense latex foam, Bobslie will spread the product evenly and thinly across your face without wasting product.


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