Boobs pimple remover needles

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Say goodbye to blackheads and blackheads with Boobs. A set of surgical-grade, hypoallergenic, electro-galvanized stainless steel tools suitable for all skin types that will leave your face free of blackheads and acne. With two sizes of Boobs so you can use them according to the needs of your face and with an ergonomic and non-slip handle so you can control each movement with precision avoiding any unnecessary damage to the skin.


How to use Boobs pimple removal needles:

  1. Before using Boobs blackhead removal needles, steam your face to open the pores and facilitate removal.
  2. Choose the right extractor according to the needs of your face.
  3. Use the extractor ring to remove blackheads from your face.
  4. Slide it by exerting pressure with the curved tip on the areas to be treated.
  5. As the whiteheads are closed pimples, you should pierce them gently with the sharp tip.
  6. Then remove the follicle with the extractor ring.
  7. Also use the sharp tip of your blackhead remover to pierce deeper blackheads.


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